This I Believe

This I Believe


I want to share my own “This I Believe," inspired by the late, great broadcast Journalist, Edward R. Murrow.

In case you aren't familiar with "This I Believe," it was a five-minute CBS Radio Network Program, originally hosted by journalist Edward R. Murrow from 1951 to 1955. The show encourages both famous and everyday people to write short essays about their own personal motivation in life and then read them on the air. This I Believe became a cultural phenomenon that stressed individual belief rather than religious dogma. Its popularity both developed and waned within the era of US Senator Joseph McCarthy and the Cold War.

Contemporarily, in May 2009, This I Believe, Inc. moved its broadcast operations to the Public Radio International (PRI) program Bob Edwards Weekend and the related Sirius XM program The Bob Edwards Show. These programs feature a weekly This I Believe segment which airs first on Fridays on Sirius XM then on the following weekend on PRI's Bob Edwards Weekend. Beginning in September 2010, Edwards has each week been airing a new contemporary This I Believe essay, written by one of the tens of thousands of listeners who have submitted essays to This I Believe, Inc. since the beginning of their public radio series in 2005.

I believe that it is important to listen to what your gut is telling you and take time to nurture your soul. The following is my modest contribution to Mr. Murrow's "This I Believe" legacy.

  • Being born with a disability has made me a stronger person. My spirit is larger than my physical body. My spirit is what is connected to the Universe and my gift from God. But being disabled has brought experiences into my life that have taught me determination, empathy, creativity and communication skills that I don’t know that I would have if I was not disabled.

  • I know I truly did marry my soul mate, because as corny as it sounds, yes, he does complete me.

  • I know I will never have another bond with an animal like I had with my late dog, Ernie. He was meant to be my doggie angel on earth. And now in heaven, he is watching over me, along side with my mom and my grandparents.

  • I believe for all the things I do understand, there are just as many things that I don’t. And that is okay. Life is the blessing we are given to try to figure it all out along the way.

  • I expect that a person should take responsibility for his or her actions. And even when a person is victimized, they have a choice about being a victim. I hate that cruel and evil things happen in this world, but I think we all have choice to how we react to such actions.

  • One day I know I will be a published author and a distinguished speaker on a lecture circuit. Note I didn’t say bestseller or highly paid. Not because I feel I’m not worthy of such adjectives, but rather, that money just doesn’t motivate me. I’m blessed to live comfortably and share what I can. As I often say, you aren’t going to take it with you.

So what is your "This I Believe?"

I admire Murrow a lot for simply his journalistic integrity, something we sadly don't see a lot of in today's info-tainment heavy media. But beyond that what I resonates with me about "This I Believe" is it encourages courage. It takes a moment of objectivity, and allows for a moral footnote of subjectivity. Every side has a story. Every microphone can be a pulpit for opinion. It is the great thought leaders, however, who recognize that opportunity. And hopefully commentate on a life better for us all.

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