Attending My First VidCon Video Conference

Attending My First VidCon Video Conference


Andrew and I just returned from Anaheim where I attended the annual “YouTubers” VidCon Video Conference. My trip was charmed with wonderful conversation. During our flight our  seat-mate was happy to chat with us about lots of different topics. From the company he owns, to what we do, to current events, etc.

Our SuperShuttle driver was just as chatty. He asked us about why we were in town. He also answered our questions about the weather, the traffic, and life in general in the land of the Mouse.

jody and drew at vidcon.jpeg

Just a while later, while standing in line to get some lunch at one of the fabulous food trucks outside of the Convention Center, a fellow creator named Zaque and I started mixing pleasantries. Come to learn he is a new creator too! He is embarking on a driving trip across the country and chronicling his adventures in his travel channel called The Rolling Bard. We sat together, eating lunch, swapping stories of being rookies on YouTube, and learning more about each other's lives stories.

Coming into my first panel, I admit I was a bit nervous. Thoughts of: What if I was the only person in the room so new that I don’t even belong here? What if I am the only one here who has never been to VidCon before? These worries were soon silenced when I struck up a friendly chat with Sarty on YouTube. She shared that this was her first VidCon too and that she felt just as much a newbie.

It was so fun meeting so many nice people!

These great conversations just continued throughout the weekend with all types of people. Every time Drew and I paused zooming from one panel to another, or back and forth from our hotel, we would find ourselves in incredibly engaging and authentic conversations. Whether it was parents and their kids, staff, exhibitors, or other creators. From every exchange I walked away better of than before I met them. And I think that is exactly how it should be.

Also, everyone was so darn nice, positive and supportive of each other!! It made it much easier for me to have the confidence to approach new folks, especially creators of whom I am a fan.

Me and Create Awesome founder Roberto Blake

Me and Create Awesome founder Roberto Blake

I told people before I left for VidCon, and even while there, that I didn’t know what to expect from the conference. Mostly because I didn’t want to set the bar too high and be disappointed. But in continuing to think back over all the events and experiences of the weekend, it is such icing on the cake to have been a part of so many wonderful conversations.

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