Samsung Chromebook Plus Review

Samsung Chromebook Plus Review


I'm so excited to be spreading the word about how much I love my new Samsung Chromebook Plus laptop. I know they say that it isn’t all about having the right “gear” but rather, doing the best with what you’ve got. Well, I’d argue that sometimes having the right tool, can be the difference between making progress on a goal, and well, not. It’d be like trying to shred a block of cheese with a fork. No. Thank. You.

Since I’d made the decision to head back into the blogsphere, it became clear to me pretty quickly that I was going to need a portable computing device. This is where I could go into a long-winded rant of frustration about how my outdated MacBook is now a glorified paperweight.

I have to say, it kind of hurt coming to terms with the fact that as a self-admitted MacAlite I was turning my back on Apple. Especially since a) I have a iMac desktop that I simply adore and b) I still detest PCs and all things Windows (and I’m not crazy about Microsoft either *no I don’t want your freaking updates!!*) Insert Google and the ChromeOS with their Chromebook Plus and now I can kind of have the best of both worlds.

Now don’t get me wrong, I resisted Google for a long time too. I HATE GMAIL and truthfully I think Google has it’s hands in a little bit too much of everything. But, given the fact that Google owns YouTube, I’ve become highly compromised on that front. Add to the fact that I do much more “cloud” work now, researching a Chromebook Plus solution seemed like the most common sense solution.

Some of the Chromebook Plus features and specs I love

Chromebooks come in a lot of different flavors these days. And this post is by no means a tech review. The model I settled on is the Samsung Chromebook Plus. It has fully functional tablet capability, complete with pen stylus provided. It was a little bit on the higher end of what I wanted to spend at about $430 bucks. This price point is justified in the unit’s high quality display, fast processor, and generous battery life. And other perks like a SD card slot and I’m sure a ton of other features I’m neglecting to mention. Here is a link for all the bells and whistles.

What am loving about it in the time that I’ve had it is it’s ease of use and portability *weighing in at 2.3 lbs, .51” thickness, (It’s also very well made. It’s full metal body and glass touchscreen in such a small form factor is an engineering feat.) THIS WILL BE my blogging beast. I’m populating my launch pad with only my blogging related sites and social medias. And any time I need to look something up I have Google at my fingertips with just the touch of a button. Also, one more nice feature with this unit in particular is that it is able to access all the apps from the Google Play store.

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for me in choosing a Chromebook Plus is what I described to The Hubs as “computer disposability.” Meaning, I’d rather pay less money for a scrappy workhorse of a machine, that I understand will just last a few years. And then happily invest in the new model of whatever is on the market at that time.

My bottom line

I see it this way: I don’t think you should use your lack of having “x, y, or z” whether that be a thing or a circumstance, as an excuse to stop you from achieving your goal(s). But I do think there are legitimate justifications for why x, y, or z will make achieving those goals possible. If you want or need it bad enough, you will find a way to get what you need. And then watch out world.

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