Blog Every Day In August

Blog Everyday In August


Is blog every day in August even a thing? BEDA, hmmm, umm. This is what I was wondering earlier today when I was walking Alton.  Well, if it's not, it is now. Because I need to get to my ass in gear on this whole blogging thing. I finished this website over a month ago, and as usual life somehow takes over.

But it was really all part of the master plan. I always meant to get really busy and then purposefully wait until August to start blogging every day. Yep. That is the plan. And it is going PERFECTLY.

I was watching an interview of James Corden, host of the Late Show, recently and he was talking about pursuing his dreams of acting and comedy, and he said something that really stuck with me. The interviewer asked him about what made him never give up. And he replied, "Well if I just kept working at it I would never fail."

It's funny how we think about progress and success. When is something ever really finished? And who makes that determination? We often look outside of ourselves for "expert" advice or validation. When all along we should just be looking within ourselves.

I love the part of myself that challenges the status quo. I read between the lines, not just what is on them. I never forget to think outside of the box, when what's inside just isn't good enough. And one of my favorite quotes is, "never take a 'no' from someone who doesn't have the power to tell you 'yes'"

So why in the hell have I been l having mental hang-ups and self imposed limitations about my own creative process. It's MY creativity. And more importantly, it's MY PROCESSSSSS. And that process will take as many twists and turns, starts and stops, ebbs and flows, as is necessary to get where I am meant to go.

Because as long as I just keep working at it, my goals are already being achieved.

Note: I'll be writing new daily posts on a rotating schedule for each of my three blogs: this one, Love Disabled Life, and Simply Sort.

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