Vacation Here We Come!

Vacation, Here We Come!

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It's the dog days of summer and vacation can't get here soon enough. Andrew and I are planning a West Coast road trip. My family still lives in Washington, and Drew has family in Portland. Our past few summer vacations have been to flying destinations. But because ground transportation is always a challenge for us in non-city locales, having a car is a must. As a bonus to this trip we are going to take a ferry to Victoria, Canada. This trip finally motivated me to get a passport, YAY!

Not that there isn't a lot going on here at the home front. Truth be told, there is no time this year that would be a good time for me to go on vacation. Every project that I have going has to-do lists with action items longer than I am tall. And, as it is, I will still be calling into two meetings while I'm on the road.

But I REALLY need a vacation. A change of scenery. And as much as I love the fella, a break from being Alton's personal mommy-servant. It's my own fault, but, man, that dog is spoiled. Two walks a day, refreshing of his water bowl, playtime, task training time, nightly brushing, etc. You get the idea.

I can't wait to go to Fred Meyer's. Check out fancy truck stops. Order room service. Listen to hours of podcasts and road trip playlists. Paul Simon's Graceland is always in our road trip rotation. And oh yes! Seeing family and friends! I'm MOST excited to see my family and friends :-D

I'm sure by the time we pull into the driveway at the end of our road trip extravaganza I'll be exhausted, thrilled to be home, and satisfied to settled in for the long winter ahead. The theme song of National Lampoon's Vacation, faded from my memory, only to be replaced with silence. And the far off jingle of holiday silver bells.

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