Making My Goal

Making My Goal

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You know what I’m thinking a lot about today? Goals. Setting them. Keeping them. Talking about them. Or in this case, writing about them. I was watching a Casey Neistat video recently where he was talking about his goal to run the equivalent of several full marathons within a few days. (He has a self-admitted addiction to running). The point of the video wasn’t really about running though. It was about making a promise to yourself, and then keeping it. Pushing until you feel it.

When I set out at the beginning of August with a goal to write a blog post every day, I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it. If accomplished, it would be my most consistent blogging period EVER. But I knew I had to try. Mainly, for two reasons 1) I knew that if I wanted to really get my blogs launched I was going to need to build my muscle in the discipline department. And 2) although somewhat related, I knew I needed to try to find my writing routine.

You see, writing and I are actually kind of frenemies. While I still find it an incredibly creative outlet and effective form of communication, connection, and expression, more times than I like to admit, I love the writing more when it is done, than when I am doing it. Throw into the mix an already overbooked schedule, personal commitments and chronic health conditions, and it’s easy for blogging time to get pushed right (write :)) off the priority list.

That is why the promise really matters. It’s it funny how it is so easy to promise so much of ourselves to so many people other than ourselves? We promise our time, our money, our secrets, our energy— to colleagues, spouses, children, friends— yet when it comes to promising things for ourselves, it feels selfish. Also, it is the promises to ourselves that are the easiest to break because there is no accountability. Yes, you might feel some shame or guilt because you didn’t follow through, but are you really going to be mad at yourself? I don’t think so. At least not for longer than treating yourself to a pint of Ben and Jerry’s might take.

That is why I think that the goals we accomplish— the promises we make to ourselves AND KEEP— are so important. I’m very proud to say that I did accomplish my goal of writing a blog post every day in August. It wasn’t easy. There were some days I truly didn’t feel like writing, but yet I managed to crank out something. I do think it really did help me build my discipline and evaluate the routine of my daily life to figure out where writing was going to fit in.

Lastly, to be honest, I feel a little weird about even writing this blog post. I didn’t have to write about accomplishing my goal to make it any less significant in my life. But I suppose what inspired me to want to reflect back and share is a simple message: don’t be scared to set goals. Big goals, little goals, silly goals or serious ones. You aren’t competing with anyone but yourself. Whether you blaze across the finish line, or crawl over it with bloody knees, the point is that you did the best you could and learned important lessons along the way. Accomplishing my goal reminded me that when I put my mind to most anything I can do it.

Promise yourself first and you will never come in second.

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