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Every Day In May

Every Day In May

I’m trying an experiment and setting a goal. I want to write and post a blog every day in May. One of my longer-term life goals is to write a book some day— probably a memoir. But, as they say, practice makes perfect, and I need to improve on all things writing: my storytelling, sentence structure, syntax, grammar (and no thanks to spell check) my spelling. Maybe Harper Lee could sit down and knock out a best-seller at first try, but most authors I am sure, write many books before they see their name on any awards list.

Each day I will gather some thoughts into what i hope will be a read-worthy post. Along the way I will hone my skills a bit, see if I can sustain writing every day, and share a bit more about who I am and what keeps my world spinning. In advance, thank you for reading.

Also, the photo of each post will be a snapshot from my day. Just another way to share my story.


I think I’ve lost my sunglasses. I don’t want to admit defeat just yet, but it doesn’t look good. Andrew and I were grocery shopping on Saturday, and I was in a rush at the check-out counter. Typically I put my sunglasses either on my head, or back in my purse.