i love my instant pot

I've Hitched A Ride on the Instant Pot Bandwagon

I've Hitched A Ride on the Instant Pot Bandwagon

I think this headline says it all because it completely fits my excitement when I talk about the best addition to my kitchen since, well, hmmm… when we did the remodel?!?. It’s simply The Instant Pot FTW!! After some dubious skepticism I finally caved and bought the 6-quart Instant Pot during the Amazon Prime sale.

I will just give the spoiler alert now and say that I don’t know how I’ve been surviving in the kitchen for the last 11 years of married life without one. (True, I did cook before I got married, but I’ve honed my skills well beyond my crockpot cream of mushroom chicken). The Instant Pot has truly upped my kitchen game in some major ways. But more on that later.

First, a bit of context. As you may remember, Instant Pots were the adult version of the “Tickle Me Elmo” craze last holiday season. They were being featured in articles from The Wall Street Journal to the Washington Post. In November 2017 CNBC reported that 5 million pots had been sold in a three year period. Special cookbooks are being published, and Facebook communities total members in the millions. It is a culinary cultural phenomenon.

Perhaps it’s my inner rebel, but I’m immediately skeptical of anything with that much hype. Combine my skepticism with the fact that some consumers reported stories of Instant Pot Recipes gone wrong. And not just wrong, but dangerously wrong. Exploding appliances!? Second-degree burns?! Kitchen catastrophes?! Here is one such story. Umm, no thank you.

But then I had what many of us ladies have— some good ole’ fashioned gab time with my hairstylist. Catching up during a recent cut and color we started to talk food and she spoke of how she was loving her new Instant Pot.