Why I Love Mobility Grabbers/Reachers

Why I Love Mobility Grabbers/Reachers


One of the tools that my husband and I use the most around our house is our grabbers. I have to admit that I never owned one prior to living with him, but since he introduced me to them, I use them all the time. We prefer the style of grabber like the ones pictured below:

When you are shopping for a grabber, I recommend you consider the following features. You want a grabber with a strong aluminum frame construction. The handle should feel comfortable to grip. And most of all, you want the "mouth," if you will, to be strong! Ours use a thin rope mechanism that pulls the grabbing mouth closed when you pull the trigger on the handle. The harder you squeeze, the tighter it will hold on to whatever you are picking up.

We like this style (verses the suction cup style that is also popular) for its small pinching profile. It can fit into tight corners and pick up fairly small objects. Coins or thin paper on the ground is fairly easy for us to pick up with this grabber.

As a bonus, we like that our grabbers have a metal peg on the end. This comes in handy if you want to "hook" onto something. Like picking up a bag off the ground or pulling open a drawer or cabinet. And if you can find a model with a magnetic tip, that is a great feature as well.

Grabbers come in various sizes. Our longest is 32", medium is 26" and shortest is 16". We also have a short collapsible one that really comes in handy for traveling. It folds up nicely for storage in a backpack or suitcase.

If you have limited mobility I highly recommend you get one grabber, if not two. Trust me, they really come in "hand"y :)

mobility grabbers.jpg