By far one of the most fun things I get to design for clients are brochures. In this day of everything digital, incorporating printed collateral into a marketing plan may seem like a waste of resources. I strongly disagree. I think the opportunity to hand something tangible to a prospective client, that educates and informs them about your business or product, remains one of the most effective ways to communicate your brand.

The evolution of desktop publishing, however, has introduced its own new challenges. With software products integrating easy-to-use templates, "anyone" can make a brochure these days.

That is where I come in. I work with clients to help them communicate their own unique message. When I wisely consider small details such as font choice, a standard color pallet, and sometimes even editorial content suggestions, I can help elevate what would otherwise be a generic "Microsoft Word brochure" into something on point, on message, and unlike anything else that exists.