A significant portion of my freelance career was serving as the Editor of LPA Today Magazine, a quarterly publication of the non-profit organization, Little People of America. For more than 12 years I oversaw the curation of content, layout and prepress production of a document that ranged in size from 12-48 pages.

The challenge with each issue was trying to bring a fresh, creative perspective within the established template. The page spreads on this webpage are just a sampling of layouts from her entire LPA Today body of work.

I have stepped down as Editor of LPA Today, but she continues to do work for other non-profit organizations. One is CASA, for which I do seasonal newsletters and other projects featured throughout this portfolio.

If you notice the date on the Today's Family newsletter, you will see it is from early in my career. Even though dated, I’ve always loved how this project turned out.

I always think it is important to remember where you started, so you can see just how far you have come.