5 Simple and Quick Steps to Organize Your Mail

5 Simple and Quick Steps to Organize Your Mail

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Six days a week you have to deal with it. The mail. Sometimes it is a trickle. Most times it is a stack. And it is almost always JUNK! Mail is the engine that keeps the paperwork motor in every home churning. The unfortunate truth is mail can get out of control very quickly. Organize mail coming into your home or office and take a huge first step toward getting a handle on the paperwork clutter in your life.

Here are 5 simple steps you can take to get some control over the mail that is stacking up around your home and office:

STEP 1. Put a recycle bin by the mailbox so junk mail doesn't even make it into the house. Most mail solicitations don't even need to be opened. Just rip them in half and toss.

STEP 2. Open and sort the remaining real mail immediately. The sorting should include who the mail is addressed to, as well as what type of mail it is.

STEP 3. Bills are paid immediately or are put into a "to pay" file or pile. If you have a lot of bills I recommend getting something like a bill sorter like one pictured above to help give you a visual glance of when the bill is due.

STEP 4. File any kind of statements (bank, investments, healthcare) immediately.

STEP 5. Shred any credit care offers or any other documents or business solicitations that may have personal information on them.

Bonus! You can also cut down on the mail coming into your home by signing up for on-line bill pay, making your financial and medical EOB's paperless, and by going to third-party organizations that will put you on the "do not mail" list.

Take care of your mail today and it won't become a stressful mess of tomorrow.

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