Thoughts on Regifting

Thoughts on Re-gifting


Coming into the holiday season I think it is a good time to talk about re-gifting. I know re-gifting can be somewhat of a taboo topic. But in terms of organizing, and living a more uncluttered life, re-gifting can be a practical solution.

Of course I can't go any further without stating the obvious: be careful to not hurt anyone’s feelings. Don't accidentally re-gift something to the same person who gave it to you. And make sure that the gift giver does’t know you have re-gifted their gift, unless you have their permission. And lastly, remember the Kevin Bacon six-degrees of separation rule. Apply caution when re-gifting in larger families or similar social circles. Awkward is awkward whether it is your mother, your cousin, or your next door neighbor.

But with that warning label out of the way, let's get to some of the practical benefits of regifting: saving money, saving time, and reducing clutter in your home. A common excuse for not re-gifting is guilty. People feel guilty for giving away something given to them. But I look at it another way. I think it is worse to keep something you won’t enjoy. Pass it on to someone who will really use or enjoy it.

Don’t let your home become a repository for things you don’t really cherish or use. Keeping organized requires eliminating the excess clutter from your life. That is just a fact. In recent years I have kept an shopping “wish list” and I really encourage my friends and family to use it. This way, I’m more assured to get what I really want/need/use.

Another way to prevent the need to regift is to ask that a charitable donation be made in your name to your preferred non-profit organization, or, you can ask for a gift card to enjoy an experience. I love getting movie gift cards.

But in the event that you have a stock pile of things that you don’t want, consider re-gifting it to someone on holiday gift list. I promise no one will know. Just make sure you change the name tag.