10 Random Time-Saving Tips

10 Random Time-Saving Tips

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For today's post I want to offer up some random time savers. These are all things that I do, I use, and I swear by. Hopefully one of them (or more) provides you a solution to a pesky problem you've been having! Cheers!

Tip #1:  Who says Ziplock baggies are good just for storing left-over foods? Use them to store bits and pieces of office supplies, children's toys, hardware screws, nuts and bolts…. the possibilities abound!

Tip #2:  Invest in a label-maker. The P-Touch is a great brand. Everything just looks more finished when it is labeled!

Tip #3:  A small accordion file provides a great way to keep your home or business receipts organized. Go through them once a month and it will help you stay on track with budgeting your spending.

Tip #4:  Adding locking wheels/casters to any piece of furniture makes it more maneuverable and functional. Look around your home and/or office and think of what you could add wheels to :)

Tip #5:  Purge that paper clutter! In the age of digital information, virtually all information can be researched, re-found, re-faxed or recreated. Aside from vital statistics documents such as birth/death certificates, deeds and tax documents, the odds that you will ever need that pile of papers again is NONE! :) Let it go!

Tip #6:  And for those papers you absolutely can't part with forever, invest in a digital scanner like a Fujitsu Snap Scanner. It will really make paper clutter a thing of your past.

Tip #7:  Sometimes the standard lid rack organizers don't fit your cabinet space. No worries! Try using a regular vertical file holder.

Tip #8:  For your kitchen garbage can: put the roll of trash bags in the bottom of the can. This way when you need a fresh one, they are right there!

Tip #9:  Do you love texting and hate voicemails? Me too. Get the YouMail App. You will never have an ignored voicemail again.

Tip #10:  I know they sound corny, but you really should use a sock organizer. There is just something perfect about each pair of socks having it's own special cubby.

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