My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets and Tools

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets and Tools


I love it when I have time in the kitchen to cook a nice meal for Drew and I, or when I can bake something to share with others. Ever since we remodeled our home and built a truly accessible kitchen, preparing food in that space has become a joy.

But what makes it just as fun is being able to use some of my favorite kitchen gadgets and tools while cooking and baking. They made the process more fun, less stressful, and because I have them placed in strategic places throughout the kitchen, always easy to find.

These are my top five must-have kitchen gadgets and tools. Some are more obvious than others, but either way, I recommend them all.

6-25-13 cheese graters.JPG

IKEA Cheese Box Graters

I’ve had these box graters for years, and I just love them. I use the larger tooth grater way more than the finer tooth. But having either as a lid, makes for quick cheese prep with practically no mess. I put the lids in the dishwasher and hand wash the container. They have held up grate, over the years!

6-25-13 salad spinner.JPG

Mini-Salad Spinner

This is another top favorite in my kitchen that gets used every time Drew and I have a salad. I always wash my lettuce leaves, even if they say they are pre-washed. Who knows what they were last bathed in! This is the perfect size for our family of two. Plus, because of it’s smaller form factor it is easier to spin and easy to wash. I don’t put this in the dishwasher either.


Ceramic Pie Weights

Truth be told, these only get used at the holiday time. But what they lack in quantity of use, they make up for in quality of use. Yes, I know, many a baking show will tell you that it is fine to use something like dried beans as a way to weigh down your pie crust when baking, and technically it is. But to me, these weights really serve their purpose. They do a great job and have a handy container for storage. And for me, the best part is not having to worry about if I have enough beans in the house come pie-baking time.


Jar Opener (strap wrench)

This is a very useful kitchen tool that I married in to. In fact, Andrew had to teach me how to use it. Once I got the hang of it, it became my go-to for jar opening. No more running under hot water or banging on the corner of the counter top. The grip that the rubber provides combined with the torque leverage of the handle, makes this a keeper in our kitchen. If the strap wrench can’t open it, it isn’t meant to be opened.


Potato Masher

Now, I know what you are thinking. This is a masher? I know I thought that. With it’s short height and rounded base feature, how can this create smooth mashed potatoes? Unbelievably, it does! And I would argue more ergonomically. Rather than stomping down boiled potatoes as you would with a traditional masher, with the Simply Cook masher you press/crush, but you also roll into the mash, and do circular motions. This not only allows you to really get into the corners of the pot, but keeps you from over mashing. A smooth and fluffy pot of pillowy potato fluff is the most tasty result.


Dash/Pinch/Smidge Measuring Spoons 

Some queens of their kitchen might chuckle at the uniqueness of these measuring spoons. But as a Type-A instruction follower, I love these. As I get more familiar with a recipe I don’t mind experimenting or taking liberties with the ingredients. But if I am learning a new recipe, or baking for sure, I want to be as exact as possible. If the recipe says a dash, I want to include just a dash. I don’t use these a lot, but when I do, I’m reminded of how much I love them.