Office Supplies Every Desk Needs

Office Supplies Every Desk Needs


I know it might sound odd, but there are times throughout my hectic schedule that working in my home office is really going to my “happy place.” I think it is because it is a space that offers limited distractions and maximum efficiency. Plus, I have made small decorative touches that are personal, motivational and aesthetic. Despite being somewhat of a cramped space, it has a good vibe.

One of the ways that I help keep it an efficient and productive space, is the handy reach and purposeful storage of some of my favorite office supplies. In a wide spectrum of functional to sentimental, pricey to pretty cheap, here are my must-haves in no particular order:

  • Red swing line stapler, the stand up model. Mine has lasted practically twenty years. They don’t call them Swingline for nothing.

  • Pica pole (but a good ruler is a must). Pica poles are mostly used by graphic designers, but they provide a great metal straight edge.

  • Erasable pens. These Frixion Pens by Pilot have been a game changer for my calendar.

  • 3-hole paper punch. Keep those holes lined up for quick storage of papers.

  • Label maker. A must for any organized home.

  • White out. Because sometimes mistakes happen, the old fashioned way.

  • Hook style push pins. I love how these allow me to hang things from my bulletin board.

  • Extra large rubber bands. They help keep folders and journals closed.

  • Exacto knife. For what a scissors can’t cut.

  • See through highlighters. A relatively new product, they allow you to keep your highlighting on track.

  • Post-it-Notes. Ummm…. the only question is what size and how many?

  • Stapler remover. You don’t know you miss this handy tool until you need it. Your fingernails will thank you too.


Stepping up your office supply game I recommend these tools as well.

Laminator. I don’t use mine that often, but when I need to seal a paper or picture to preserve it, or, make it dry-erase writable, plastic laminating is the perfect solution.

Paper cutter. For trimming stationary photos or other items that need a fast cut.

Fujitsu Snap Scanner

Fujitsu Snap Scanner

Digital scanner. These are a pricy investment but the ability for me to quickly scan multiple documents at once, my Fujitsu Snap Scanner has been a work-horse. It has allowed me to keep paper clutter from accumulating in my home, without having to worry about getting rid of important information I might need or want to refer to later.