Cleaning Solutions That Really Work!

Cleaning Solutions That Really Work!


Can I make a confession? As much as I love having things clean, I don’t love the task of cleaning. My motivation is the end result. That is why I look for methods that are quick, easy and most of all: effective.

Over the years I have tried and tested the following cleaning methods and found they have worked with surprising success.

Boiling hot water for sugar: There is nothing worse than burnt sugar on pots and pans. I made the mistake once of not using protective aluminum foil when cooking something, and I paid the price. Luckily, the internet came to my rescue and provided this tip that really does work. Check out the video I made to demonstrate. Never under estimate the power of really hot water. Just use caution not to burn yourself.

WD-40 for soap scum: I don’t remember where I read this tip, but unbelievably, it does work. Our master bath shower has a challenge with really bad soap scum. Probably because we use a bar soap that doesn’t have a lot of sulfur or other chemicals. It’s really just soap. What a concept! At any rate, basic shower cleaners don’t make a dent in the layers of white film. But guess what does work? WD40! Typically used as a lubricant, something in the solution is able to cut through the scum, and actually provide somewhat of a protective coating. I will warn, this is somewhat of a stinky solution. Make sure you have your windows open, a fan going, and active circulation going.

Lemons in the garbage disposal: I love this one. It’s so simple. A few wedges of lemon down the garbage disposal clean it and freshen it so nicely. Add some ice at the end for a good rinse that will really work all the grime out from between blades.

Micro fiber cleaning cloths: I know these are pretty popular these days, but Andrew introduced me to microfiber cleaning cloths years ago. They are the ideal way to clean computer monitors, cell phones, and eye glasses. They leave a streak free, lint free, clean surface, and better yet, they don’t require the use of any solvents. Just don’t put them in the dryer after washing them. The fabric softener will ruin them. At least that is what my husband says. If one accidentally finds its way to the dryer I just use it as a cleaning rag.

Dawn dish cleaner for a degreaser: Just like the ad says, Dawn cuts grease. I keep a small bottle in the cleaning closet in case I have an extra greasy set of dirty dishes.

Vinegar: You know that stuff they sell as a dishwasher finishing rinse that promises to cut down on soap residue and spots? Well, here’s a secret, distilled white vinegar works just as well. Just put it in the reservoir where the rinse would normally go.