IKEA Box Cheese Grater

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets and Tools

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets and Tools

I love it when I have time in the kitchen to cook a nice meal for Drew and I, or when I can bake something to share with others. Ever since we remodeled our home and built a truly accessible kitchen, preparing food in that space has become a joy.

But what makes it just as fun is being able to use some of my favorite kitchen gadgets and tools while cooking and baking. They made the process more fun, less stressful, and because I have them placed in strategic places throughout the kitchen, always easy to find.

These are my top five must-have kitchen gadgets and tools. Some are more obvious than others, but either way, I recommend them all.

1) IKEA Cheese Box Graters

I’ve had these box graters for years, and I just love them. I use the larger tooth grater way more than the finer tooth. But having either as a lid, makes for quick cheese prep with practically no mess. I put the lids in the dishwasher and hand wash the container. They have held up grate, over the years!