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How My Instant Pot Saves Me Time

How My Instant Pot Saves Me Time

I’ve written in another post my love-affair with my Instant Pot. But I wanted to write about it here on my Simply Sort blog to explain how (in addition to making really good food) the Instant Pot is a time-saving solution for any busy schedule.

With it’s pressure-cooking magic, foods that once took hours to make, now take minutes. Some of my favorite dishes I would rarely have the time to make conventionally have been risotto, BBQ ribs and pork roast. Of course if I prioritized the the time I could put a roast in the oven at 2 p.m. Or if I wanted refried beans for dinner I could take the extra step to soak them the night before. But that is one extra thing on my to-do list. When my to-do list is already full with things like doing laundry, going to meetings, writing blog posts and walking Alton.

When I want to make dinner, I just want to make it all at once. And for the first time, for more complex or time-consuming meals, the Instant-Pot has allowed me to do that.

And it’s not just about being busy. Because of my disability,