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20 Organizing and Time-Saving Productivity Tips for the New Year

20 Organizing and Time-Saving Productivity Tips for the New Year

1) The hanger helper: when hanging your clothes up in your closet, put the hanger facing backwards. After six months, whatever still has hangers facing backwards, it's time to purge those items from your closet.

2) Music mess: alphabetize your CD collection A-Z by last name in the following genre categories: pop/rock, classical, soundtracks and compilations.

3) Tame the crazy cords: When storing cords or cables, bind each one up with a rubber band first. It helps keep them tidy.

4) Buy a label maker: It is vital to help stay tidy and know what you have. It’s an organizational must-have.

5) Reduce paper clutter: Sort out junk mail immediately and recycle it before it even enters the house.

6) Keep reducing paper clutter: Shred all paperwork except for financial statements, legal documents or income taxes. 8 out of 1 O pieces of paper you save will never get touched again; and if you do accidentally toss something you may look for later, most likely the information is available on the internet.

7) Work on decluttering: Don't be afraid to re-gift or donate things you don’t want, need or use. Cluttering up your home with unused or duplicate presents is not what the gift-giver intended. Pass it on to someone who will enjoy it as much or more than you will.