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Hi! I'm Jody Yarborough, a writer and graphic designer living my best life in the beautiful Bay Area of California. I majored in Journalism in college, and then went on to study graphic design and become a freelancer. Recent innovations in digital creative tools and social media have accelerated my creative output and entrepreneurial spirit. Most recently with the blogs you will find on this website, as well as my YouTube channel.

In addition to my creative endeavors, I am a disability advocate and volunteer. As a community leader I serve on three non-profit boards, two of which I am the Chairwoman.

When I'm not being creative or volunteering my time, I enjoy spending time with my husband Andrew, doting on our golden retriever fur-son, Alton, caring for our home and watching re-runs of 90’s comedy television.


You’ve probably noticed that I look a little different. You might be curious. You might even have some questions. That’s okay, questions are welcome! I believe that celebrating our diversity and sharing about what makes us different makes the world a better place.

I was born with a rare neuromuscular condition called a Congenital Trilaminar Myopathy. This one-of-a-kind condition caused me to develop severe scoliosis and other orthopedic problems that required surgeries when I was growing up. I've always been short for my age, and as an adult I stand 4' tall.

I do not define disability as limiting, or inspirational, or something to be "overcome." Instead, I challenge cultural stereotypes about disability as being “less than,” “tragic,” “broken” or “abnormal.” I believe disability is a natural part of human diversity and I embrace every aspect of my life with gratitude and grace. I am incredibly proud to be a part of the disabled community. I believe that we need to be unapologetically proud of our lives-- our DISABLED lives-- if we are to continue to demand full and equal access and participation in all areas of daily life and society.