Sometimes a project comes along that you don't really appreciate until it's complete. This is certainly the case for these calendars. I created them for SVILC, the independent living center I worked at for as a communications specialist, and then also as a freelance contractor.

We wanted a fun and unique way to publish the agency's annual report, but also highlight a specific theme or initiative, always weaving in disability history, culture and pride.

They were each very large projects to undertake, even with established templates for concurrent years. Additionally, in the 25th Anniversary Calendar, the collage artwork is something I created myself. Thinking back, I remember how at times I just simply got caught up in the minutia and tediousness of it all.

But now, when I step back and look at each project in its totality, and then all four combined, I can't help but get "all the feels." They are a visual testament to the disability community of which I am so proud to be a member. They document our history, culture, art, civil rights accomplishments, and justice for inequalities yet to be achieved.